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The Value of Pets

A pet owner will know from their own experience, the sheer joy and satisfaction that are derived from a pet.

Domestication of animals has been practiced since ancient times. Cats, for example, are among the first pets, adopted by the Egyptians as early as the mid 4th century, BC. Over the ages, animals became an important feature in households, and toy dogs were very popular in wealthy households during the Victorian era.

Although there are many people who say that keeping a pet has no value, this is not true. A dog guards its master's house unconditionally, and a cat controls the population of mice and rats.

Here are a few proven benefits of having a pet:

• Resistance to Allergies: A recent study revealed that children who grow up in the presence of pets develop stronger immune systems, are less prone to allergies later in life by 33%.

• Better Cardiovascular System: Reduced stress levels by living with a pet result in a healthier cardiovascular system

• Exercise Factor: A sign at my local vet reads: "If your dog is overweight, you aren't getting enough exercise." How true! Walking your dog regularly four to five times a day is a personalized fitness programme.

• Cure for Depression: It is a known fact that the presence of a pet has a positive effect on depression.

• Remedy for loneliness: You will never be lonely, if you own a pet - not even if you have no one else in the world.

• Teaches Responsibility and Time Management: Planning and executing a feeding, walking and grooming schedule for your pet will teach you some valuable lessons in time management and make you a more responsible person.

• Better Understanding about Mortality: While the entire lifetime of a pet unfolds before our eyes, we learn more about the inevitabilities of life and death, a particularly valuable lesson for children.

• Teaches Compassion: Owning and caring for a pet makes you into a more caring person.

These are just a few of the values of keeping a pet. A pet owner will know from their own experience, the sheer joy and satisfaction that are derived from a pet.


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Kit Sadgrove

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